Melissa Monchecourt

Hypnotic Hairstylist

Graduated from Graham Webb Academy for Cosmetology

Licensed Cosmetologist since 2005

Melissa is our rock star stylist that breathes fresh creative hair-air! This stylist plays guitar, sings in a band, enjoys heavy metal music, and likes to go ghost hunting, but her real passion lays in hair. She is always thinking outside of the box and enjoys any challenge you bring her way and whether it is extreme colors, bold highlights, or edgy cuts, this is your girl! She is an extremely skilled stylist with her specialties in extensions, color, and highlights and has a keen ability to create an individualized style. While constantly catering to the needs and wants of every client, this stylist creates visions and art pieces with her hair services that compare to no other. This is one stylist whose chair is guaranteed to make you leave feeling “wowed”.

Ana Rivera

Hypnotic Hairstylist & Makeup Artist

Graduated from Aspen Beauty Academy for Cosmetology

Licensed Cosmetologist since 2004

Ana is a stylist who whole heartedly loves her profession. Her expertise lies in color& curly hair, a medium she truly enjoys working with. She is Diva curly hair certified and her curly haircuts use dry cutting techniques without the use of a comb! She concentrates on each individual curl which helps to give the hair more shape and bounce and then proceeds to teach her clients how to care and maintain their look at home. In addition to the specialty of being Curly Hair Certified, she is also quite talented with all hair types in general. She loves her career and says her client’s hair always “talk to her” as she’s doing each and every client. She uses her hair skills to work with endless hair types and hard to work with hair. On top of her beautiful techniques and skills, her funny and sweet personality is sure to round an over the top salon experience during each visit.

Kat Travers

Hypnotic Hairstylist & Makeup Artist

Graduated from the Temple a Paul Mitchell Partner School, for Cosmetology

Licensed Cosmetologist since 2009

She’s not your ordinary run of the mill hair dresser… one thing that sets her apart from the rest of our stylists is her voice! Any service with her is sure to have your foot tapping, as she’s often caught singing to her clientele!  She’s quite skilled with long hair cuts and slide cutting is her favorite cutting technique. She’s also fantastic with all color services and blow-drying really curly hair as well. Kat spends her off time with Washington Talent Agency singing in a band performing for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, and really big events. As talented as this woman is vocally she’s just as talented in the hair world. Not only is she an amazing entertainer, she will give you an amazing new color and style so you too can be the center of attention. Being a curly haired adorable diva herself, she knows how to work with all hair types. This will truly be an experience you will remember.

Brian Goldstein

Hypnotic Hairstylist

Graduated from Rockville Beauty Academy for Cosmetology

Licensed Cosmetologist since 1976

This stylist is extremely talented in the hair industry, booking at least 3 weeks out making it hard to even get an appointment with him! He’s worked in the Wheaton, Silver Spring, and Olney area for decades even owning his own salon at one point. Brian specializes in highlights, color, and cutting, and prides himself in staying on time for each and every client. He does a full consultation every visit and makes sure he has plenty of time to discuss any of your hair needs. He is one of our early birds and starts some days as early as 8am, working 5 days a week. Other than being an amazing stylist, he is also our food and wine specialist. This stylist knows what a good meal is, where to find it, and what wine to pair it with. He will have you looking both amazing and starving by the end of your appointment. This is one stylist who is extremely thorough with all his work and you will not be disappointed with his extreme levels of amazing customer service and skill.

Lois Jenkins

Hypnotic Hairstylist

Graduated from Star Beauty School for Cosmetology

Licensed Cosmetologist since 1964

Lois is one of our early birds! Starting as early as 8am, she is addicted to Dunkin Donuts Coffee and accommodating all her client’s needs! She has extended her education over the years further and further, making her very experienced in all fields of hair services. She’s very creative and is a fantastic stylist for those indecisive clients wanting something new, whether it be cut or color! Lois has attended the J. Beverly Hills Academy in Beverly Hills and has worked with our Redken color line for decades. Lois owned her own salon for 7 years before she had her first and only son! Her baby is now happily married and she spends most of her nurturing abilities and time with her client’s 5 days a week!

Kien Luc

Hypnotic Hairstylist

Graduated from Thomas Edison School of Technology for Cosmetology

Licensed Cosmetologist since 1988

Kien has attended an array of specialized classes for color and cutting. She is constantly learning, always looking to continue her education through classes and experience and is amazing at razor cuts, color, and highlights. She loves her career choice for the simple fact of satisfying her clients through the creative use of her skill set. “My clients feel good about themselves, and that gives me satisfaction.” This stylist is booked 2-3 weeks out at all times because of her sheer talent in the beauty industry while also teaching and educating her clients on their own hair.

Tony Martinez

Hypnotic Hairstylist

Graduated from South Carolina Beauty Academy for Cosmetology

Licensed Cosmetologist since 1984

Whether it be different color and highlighting techniques or long and short hairstyles, Tony can do it all. He has a great specialty in men’s haircuts and can create fades that barbers only dream of. Aside from his men’s cuts, Tony was dealt the hand of raising two daughters that were in cheerleading and was quickly known as the “go to dad” when it came to their competition hair styles. His mellow and patient personality makes him a great stylist that listens to every client’s own personal need. After over 30 years in the industry Tony has gathered years of continuing education and is always staying up to date on the latest trends. He prides himself in his work and is always willing to go the extra mile.

Raquel Carrillo

Hypnotic Hairstylist

Graduated from Thomas Edison School of Technology for Cosmetology

Licensed Cosmetologist since 1985

Raquel specializes in hair color and is “really great at working with hard-to-cut hair” such as cowlicks and curly hair. She always uses the gentlest option for each individual hair service while promoting healthy hair, and always gains the desired look. She is a very talented stylist with a wonderful personality that pairs perfectly with her hair services, and usually requires only 45mins for most appointments. She takes her time as a perfectionist and takes a lot of pride in her men’s haircuts. She loves her profession and strives to please each of her clients by means of sheer talent with shears and genuine care.

Joyce Downin

Hypnotic Hairstylist

Graduated from Washington D.C. Beauty Academy in Cosmetology

Licensed Cosmetologist since 1970

Joyce has attended countless classes in color, products, hair cutting, and more. She likes to connect with her clients about their lifestyle and desires for hair color and cuts. She prides herself in providing the best services based on those criteria. She specializes in everything from hair cutting and styling to color and highlights. After over 44 years in the industry this stylist has a lot of knowledge about the entire beauty industry.

Ana Lopez

Hypnotic Hairstylist

Graduated from Montgomery Beauty School for Cosmetology

Licensed Cosmetologist since 2002

Talented in all hair services and certified in Brazilian blow outs, relaxers and hair color. She is a fast and efficient stylist with a unique ability to deliver “the look” each client wants, each with her own personal spin. She is happily married with two children and loves spending time with her family. She works hard to please her clientele and adores the feeling of making people feel happy. This stylist is one of the few that has Sunday hours, allowing flexibility when it comes to the busy work week for most.


Courtney Richards

Hypnotic Hairstylist

Graduated from Thomas Edison Institute of Technology for Cosmetology

Licensed Cosmetologist since 1997

Courtney has extensive training under her belt as she is American Board certified and was a Redken educator. She taught for Graham Webb International Academy of Hair and was published in Process magazine two times for her incredible styling skills. She specializes in color and especially loves the science used behind the color line in order to create certain looks. She has been to the New York exchange multiple times because she is so passionate about what she does. Every guest that sits in her chair leaves the salon feeling amazed because she is so great at her craft.